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Kiki Verveniotis a self-taught clothing designer and seamstress, whose love of handwork was born at a very early age during summer trips to her family's Greek island.  Her aunts there taught her needlework, as every young girl built a collection of embellished linens and decorations for their own homes after they married.  This early training led to an affinity for sewing and fashion design, which were lifelong diversions until she left a corporate job in her twenties to pursue a profession that spoke more to her heart and was very familiar. 

She launched go lightly, her elevated women's clothing label, in the early Nineties in New York City, where she lived and worked for many years.  Now living nearby in Connecticut, she shows her collections during  New York Fashion Week and also at regional markets, where she sells to better boutiques around the country. 

Kiki has started making few-of-a-kind pieces as a part of her collections, in keeping with her early old-country training of using everything and wasting nothing – with the local-artisan movement in the air, things have come full circle, much to her delight.  She sews almost everything herself in her little house by the water in East Norwalk, Connecticut.  Koula, her daughter and house model, lives in Brooklyn and works at making the world a better place, in whatever ways she can.

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